TWD PicspamCarl Grimes (Season 4) 

A lion does not feel guilty when it kills a gazelle. Right? You do not feel guilty when you squash a fly. And I think that means something. I just think that really means something.

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Lindsay Lohan switches to the other side of the street when Tyler Oakley sneaks up on her


And although I wasn’t losing my mind
It was a chorus so sublime
But the room is so quiet


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Right now, I’m practicing the art of not caring what people think of me. I used to be a people pleaser, but now I beat to the rhythm of my own drum.

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Favorite Movies (in no particular order) 

↳ Spirited Away (2001) - “Once you meet someone, you never really forget them.”

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make me choose // doctardonna asked: michonne or carol

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@hollandroden: Yup. We have entered a different era of sadistic entertainment…

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Title: Don't
Artist: Ed Sheeran
Album: Multiply
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don’t // ed sheeran

don’t fuck with my love
that heart is so cold
all over my arms
i don’t wanna know that name

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